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About the CHIPS Alliance

The CHIPS Alliance is an organization which develops and hosts high quality, open source hardware code (IP cores), interconnect IP (phy and logical protocols), and open source software development tools for design, verification, and more.  We seek to provide a barrier-free collaborative environment, to lower the cost of developing IP and tools for hardware development.

The CHIPS Alliance leverages common hardware development efforts by developing IP blocks that can be broadly used, such as RISC-V cores and neural network accelerator cores.  We recognize that verification contributions benefit all who participate in the project, and prioritize joint resources for design verification.

The scope of the Project includes hardware and software design and development under an open source (Apache v2) license:

  • Verified IP blocks (compute cores, accelerators etc)
  • Verified SoC designs (based on RISC-V and other open source cores)
  • Open source software development tools for ASIC development
  • High value IP including analog peripherals, mixed signal blocks and compute acceleration
  • Exploration of new design flows such as Python-based design verification.

The CHIPS Alliance welcomes technical contributions from members and non-members alike.  We encourage everyone to use, extend, and contribute back to our projects, and to participate on the Technical Steering Committee.

We also welcome organizations and institutions who wish to participate in the CHIPS Alliance governance process by becoming members.  If you have questions, please reach out to

The CHIPS Alliance is hosted by The Linux Foundation, a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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